Sustainable Environmentally Friendly Green Decorating & Painting from an Environmentally Conscious Green Painter. South Coast Based Decorating with focus on Green Sustainability Painting.

Green Decorating

Green Decorating

What exactly is Green Decorating?

Well... Green Decorating is all about producing a Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly, Decorating service.

We should all be striving to become more Environmentally Conscious and there is no reason for this to not apply to painters & decorators!

Here at Green Decorating the Sustainable Painting company we focus on Green Sustainability Painting through our efforts to minimise our Carbon Footprint and also use the least environmentally damaging products and decorating techniques available.


Environmentally Friendly Professional Painting & Decorating Service

Welcome to the home of Green Decorating the Sustainable Painting company. In 2010 we aim to grow as the South Coast and London area specialists when it comes togreen sustainability and environmental awareness.

Painting &, Decorating - Do I need professional Painters/Decorators?

If you want the best job, in the most economical and environmentally friendly way then the simple answer is YES!

By trusting in a "Green Painter" you can be assured that not only will your job be completed to total satisfaction but through the correct use of paints & procedures environmental impact can be kept to a very bare minimum!

VOC 2010 Legislisation Compliant

The Volatile Organic Compounds in Paints, Varnishes and Vehicle Refinishing Products regulations 2005 is the UK legislation covering the correct implementation of the European Union directive 2004/42/EC which covers all required legislation for the industry - this is more commonly known as Voc 2010 Legislisation.

VOC 2010 legislation introduces new, stricter limits on the maximum amount of VOCs that can be contained in decorative paints, stains and varnishes. Products are further sub divided and the various categories have differing maximum limits.

As of January 1st 2010 manufacturer's have to adhere to these regulations in the manufacture of all their products - however older products that don't comply can still be legally sold and used until January 1st 2011 and there is no deadline imposed on the appliers of products so theoretically a company could stock pile on older, environmentally harmful products and use these as long as their stockpiles remained.

VOCs contribute to air pollution and lead to the creation of ozone in the lower atmosphere, which poses a health risk to humans, animals and vegetation as well as the well documented casual affect on global warming. It is for this reason we choose to only use VOC Compliant Products on all our jobs!

Green Sustainability Painting

In an ideal world we would all be happy living with as minimum environmental impact as possible. No carbon footprints and no damaging environmental destruction - however living in mud huts and living in harmony with the Earth is not an option that will be taken en-masse so it is our responsibility to do what we can - if we all took those extra steps towards GREEN then we can make a positive difference...

We actively seek the most natural and environmentally friendly produced products - our concern is environmental impact and not bottom line, although through effective process and procedure we are proud to say we can still provide our service at a competitive price - GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AND YOUR WALLET!!!

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Sustainable Painting

Green Decorating the Sustainable Painting company were established in 2009 as a South Coast Based Painting & Decorating company with a focus on Green Sustainability Painting and processes.

Managing Director Steve Merritt already runs one of the largest South Coast Painting & Decorating contractors Merritt Decorators, but felt with the advancements in both products and processes a separate, wholly environmentally considerate approach was required.